Oops, I’m Funny at Work–Don’t Tell the ‘Harvard Business Review’

When my editor asked me to write a humor piece in response to Monday’s Harvard Business Review study, “Making Jokes During Presentation Helps Men but Hurts Women,” I saw red. Not because of my editor (she is one of the best, dare I say, funniest women I know), but at the study itself. I’m no Harvard grad, but what a stupid study. What a totally dumb, petty, stupid stupid stupid, pointless, hateful, hurtful study… [Continue reading]


I Wore Crocs for a Whole Week and It Was Actually Life-Affirming

I originally came up with the idea to wear Crocs everywhere for a week—work, dinner, gym—because I thought it would be funny. Because, well, they’re Crocs.

For the uninitiated, Crocs are clogs made of a proprietary foam called Croslite, which makes them uniquely comfortable, durable and something you would never want anyone who could pass as a cast member of Euphoria to catch you wearing. Commenting on their hideous appearance, Tim Gunn (the voice of reason in fashion) once said that the Croc is akin to a “plastic hoof.” [Continue reading]


The In-N-Out NYC Burger Mystery Has Been Solved (and the Culprit Is on the Honor Roll)

Over the weekend, a burger from heaven fell from the sky and stuck a landing that would give Simone Biles a run for her money, in all places: Jamaica, Queens—or so it seemed.

When Brooklyn resident Lincoln Boehm and his wife (as it’s been covered in most media outlets, but I should probably disclose here that said ‘wife’ is me. I’m the wife!! I’ve been written out of this entire story!!! Not for any misogynist, re-writing herstory reasons, but mostly because I didn’t really care about the whole thing…[Continue reading]


My Great-Aunt Sally Was a Famous Tassel Dancer, but I Keep My Boobs Way Closer to My Chest

My grandfather was one of ten children. His vocation—electrician—landed him right smack in the middle of his siblings’ respectability spectrum, which ranged from orthodox rabbi to burlesque dancer. This burlesque dancer was my great aunt Sally, who in the 1940s was an institution at Boston’s Scollay Square night club, The Crawford House….[Continue reading]


I Bought the Famous Amazon Coat and It Is Both My Greatest Pride and My Greatest Shame

It’s been dubbed the coat of moms on the Upper East Side of New York City, and for only $120 (affordable by warm winter coat standards), it took New York by storm. Add to cart with Amazon Prime, and it’s hanging on your coat rack by tomorrow evening. With such brutal force did the Orolay Thickened Down Jacket hit us that you can refer to it simply as “the Amazon coat,” and everyone will know what you’re talking about.

And now as we encroach upon the dark and biting days of March, I must confess: I, too, purchased the illustrious Amazon coat, and it is at once one of my favorite purchases of all time…but also a conduit of great shame…[Continue reading]