As one of the founding members of the Modern Notion team, I've had the opportunity to help build a site from the ground up. We started with an idea: a site that looks at the world through a lens of science and history. From there, as Editor, I helped assemble a small (but mighty) team and currently manage our expanding community of contributors, assign and edit stories, package our content and oversee site strategy. A year in, we have an engaged readership, a daily podcast and a lot of really good stuff to read.   

Modern Notion Daily
Podcast/Radio Show

As co-host of our daily radio/podcast show, which airs on Chicago's WCGO 1590, I've interviewed 50+ authors, scholars and experts of all sorts. Some of my favorite conversations include:

Selected clips from

Elephants Don't Really Develop Cancer and Now We Know Why
Belle Gunness and Her Midwest Murder Farm
The Incredible Preserved Malformed Brain Collection and the Mystery of the Missing Half
27 Years Later the Max Headroom Hackers Still Remain a Mystery 
Shark Week May Have Jumped the Shark

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While I assign and edit a lot of articles, collaborating with illustrator Ayun Halliday to tell a story a different way was a lot of fun: